One Woman Army and A Dog

Contact/Review Policy

Review Policy

If your wishing for me to review something please bare in mind the following;

  • If I don’t like it, I won’t force myself to finish it (I will really try).
  • I read a wide range of genres but I won’t touch non-fiction, erotica. Not a huge fan of romance but will read if it is a decent story.
  • All my reviews are honest to my own opinion. I won’t write a review full of fluff.
  • I prefer book copies but can read other versions.
  • My reviews will be on this site, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Amazon and Goodread.  If you need a review on a specific site please say.
  • My response time in whether I will read your book will only take a couple of days.
  • It takes time to read a book, give me at least 2 weeks before you send me a message about your review.
  • I can read Indie books but if it full of errors it will put me off it.

Please contact me with the form below or via any of my other social media accounts. Same goes for anyone else with any queries.