Goodreads: For the Blood is the Life

Author: Joe Albanese

Published: 16th March 2019

Source: Copy from Author

Rating: 4/5 (Really liked it)

Official Summary: “Evan Summers is a detective with a shameful past, a muddled present, and an uncertain future. While investigating a series of gruesome murders and trying to battle his alcoholism, Summers will try to reconnect with his young son. But when a break in the case puts his family at risk, it will be up to Summers alone to capture the mysterious killer. It will test the limits of his addiction, and make Summers decide how just far he will go to protect the person he loves.” – Goodreads

Review: This is the second book I have read by the Author. It got better the further in you got. I didn’t really know what to expect from this story. It didn’t disappoint, really sucked me in at the end. The story idea isn’t that original but the storytelling is on point.

I liked how the main character is very grey, you do root for him near the end but at the same time, you don’t really like the person he was.

(Disclaimer: I received a free copy from the Author. Does not affect my review)