Random one for you guys, but I would like to discuss something with you. So I came across this video, above, a few days ago. Instantly I was like oh, I didn’t know she was in the movie. So click it and well fuck me. I haven’t stopped rewatching this video. It was so beautifully done and well told. It like a mini-story in itself. She sings in the filming of the scene but a singer, Loren Allred is the one who sang this song. Her voice is overlapped the Actress. Now bear in mind the first few times I watched this video, I had not watched the actual movie. So this is the stories I thought when I watched this video;

  1. She was a nervous singer, someone who had failed miserably in a past performance, this is her first time singing properly. Trusting herself and becoming who she was meant to be.
  2. (This is the main story I thought) That she was some rich wife who could sing but was never allowed to. A caged woman of the time. He kept trying to persuade her to sing and she kept refusing. Until again she trusted herself and him and sang. The line of about ‘You set off a dream in me’ all hinted to me that kind of story. It was a thank you line of, thank you for waking me up. Then when the camera pans to the group of circus people at the back, and they are all emotional. Made me think this. Then images of his wife, made me think she was a friend of hers. Or something along those lines.

Then reality hit like a truck train. I watched the movie and the truth came out. She an opera singer. Well, fuck off. I was honestly gutted it wasn’t the little story my brain had farted out. They missed a great opportunity for a story there, I thought/think. The idea behind the movie was all about people coming together and believing in themselves. Being a part of something bigger. In my honest opinion, it missed that mark. It was too rushed and too focused on singing and dancing, to truly tell a story.

Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoyed the movie. I will be rewatching this little video for years. What do you guys think? Sorry if I just shitted on someone else’s opinion of the movie. We all have different tastes. Also, do you do this? Make up little stories based on videos.