I didn’t do this last year due to just starting my blog and that was enough work for me. So I thought fuck it, lets do it this year. I want to work on some short stories.

Scrap Vulture – Think sci-fi, future earth, shit hole. Guy going around on a scooter dumpster diving with some twists.

Fantasy Cop – This is one will be a little dark but funny.

Sci-fi Ambulance, same setting as Scrap Vulture. Really dark and harsh reality. Like what is happening nowadays but worse and more futurist. This one is going to really hurt writing. I just know I am going to go very dark and twisty with it. Like give myself nightmares writing it. But I think it will make it so much more real and touch a lot of people.

I am not aiming to do 50k. Completely one short story is my goal. So I won’t be focusing on reviews. Though I will try to still do some. Already have some planned and uploaded ready.

Anyone else doing it? Or if you are fed up of hearing about it, I apologize lol.