*rubs face*

So knackered. As I am writing this post (nearly typed book) I will be moving house. Moving to a small flat with a garden. Its nothing amazing but the fact that they accept pets and have a garden makes it a gold mine. So yeah I am amazed at myself that for this whole month I have still managed to do a post a day. I do not recommend it. It has sucked.

I am also regretting my years and years and years of collecting books. Of oo that looks cheap, I’ll give that go attitude. I have had to make multiple trips to charity shops, my back hurts, my legs hurt.

So yeah I am going to take a break, I am on holiday after Wednesday so I am just going to sleep for a week. Or two. I may post the odd thing here or there if I get bored. But most likely not. So this is your crazy lady signing off for a bit.