Big thank you to Candy over at Chapters After Chapters for the award nomination.

What are your favorite book that you feel is underrated? Path of a Nove by R.K. Lander, it underrated simply because not a lot of people know about it.

What fictional character would you like to be? Anyone that owns a house, a dog and writes for a living. So no fucking clue lol.

28182088What book made you love reading? The first book I kept track of was Peter Raven Under Fire by Michael Molloy

Do you create your own playlist for a book you read or do you listen to an author’s playlist for their book (if there is one?) Nope. I sometimes listen to music or listen to people on Twitch then I am reading a book.

My weird question, what are your favorite and odd food pairing? Like mine is rice and mayonnaise. Yeah you read that right. Like I don’t drown it in mayo. I just give it a bit of a kick. Tuna pizza. I have grown up on cheese/tomato/tuna pizza. It just normal to me. Whenever I mention it to people. They go wtf and look at me like I grew another head.


I won’t nominate anyone. I never really do. But if you want to take part. Feel free to answer Candy’s questions. Thanks again for the nomination.