Hello, everyone! My name is Tay LaRoi. Laura has been wonderfully gracious and allowed me to take up a little bit of space in celebration of my upcoming novel, “The Song of the Faerie Prince.” For this post, however, I don’t want to spend time talking about myself or the book. There’s plenty of time for that before its release on May 14th. All I’ll say about it right now is that one of the main characters, Oliver, is transgender. As someone who is not, I want to take a minute and give the spotlight to ten trans writers and their works.

Diversity in fiction is incredibly important to me. A key part of that is giving diverse authors space to tell their stories and, too often, it feels like writers who try to imitate these voices (sometimes very poorly) while people with first-hand experience and brilliant stories are left in the shadows.

So, if you’re considering checking out The Song of the Faerie Prince, give these wonderful titles a try as well. Celebrate trans authors and trans stories. Tell your friends about them and, above all, keep learning! ❤

1. EE Ott18753657oman – Song of the Spring Moon Waning : Wen Yu is expected to return a song thrush he never received. When he goes looking Liu Yi, who left him the note, he finds himself questioning his entire path in life.






2. Gabriel D. Vidrine – On a Summer Night : Casey thought foregoing trans camp to be with his best friend, Ella, for the summer, would be a blast. But when Ella tries to set him up with Gavin, a friend of the camp bully, things get complicated.






3. Austin Chant – Peter Darling : Despite being all grown up, Peter expects Neverland to be as magical as when he left it as a boy, but things have aged along with him. The war games are actually dangerous, the stakes are real, and his relationship with Hook becomes more complicated than he ever expected.





4. Jenn Polish – Lunav : In Sadie’s world, the humans have made it illegal to Dream, even though dragon eggs need faerie Dreams to hatch. Being half-human means Sadie can spy on the humans, but when she falls in love with the ruthless human leader, Evelyn, things start to fall apart.




5. Tash McAdam – These Bodies are Battlefields (short story) : Ice desperately needs the prize money from an upcoming pit fight, and to learn understand their own emotions in relation to those around them.





6. Yoon Ha Lee – Ninefox Gambit (Machines of Empire: Book 1) : Captain Kel Cheris needs to redeem herself by taking back the Fortress of Scattered Needs. She needs Shuos Jedao to do it, but how much can she trust a man who’s slaughtered two armies, including one of his own?




7. Charlie Jane Anders – All the Birds in the Sky: Magic and science are pitted against each other in San Francisco and the faction’s leaders, Patricia and Laurence, just might be falling in love. As if that didn’t make things messy enough, their choices will determine the fate of the entire world.




8. B.A. Brock – King of the Storm : Perseus is destined to be a great king and hero, but despite his status as a demigod, those around of him don’t see him as much. When love is stripped from him, Perseus rebels against the gods and tries to live his own life, but instead finds himself in an adventure of their design.




9. August Li – Ash and Echoes : While living in exile, Yarroway L’Estrella honed his magic powers. Now his uncle, the king, needs those powers to keep Prince Garith safe on his journey to a wedding that will secure an alliance between two powerful kingdoms. But Yarrow doesn’t trust the knights sent to protect Garith with him. If they can’t work together, and if Yarrow can’t keep his powers under control, it could spell destruction for their world.



10. Aleksander Voinov – Nightingale: As a gay nightclub singer, Yves Lacroix knows he’s a target in Nazi-occupied Europe. That doesn’t stop him from becoming a star on the scene, drawing all sorts of dangerous attention. If Yves isn’t careful, being the Nightingale of Paris could cost him his life.  




Thanks Tay! Can’t wait to read the third in the series.