Thank you Steena for stopping by and answering my questions!

LF: Tell us about your self.

SH: I’m pretty much an open book 🙂 I live off of coffee and chocolate almonds while on deadlines, I have 3 teenage daughters that give me more grey hair every day, I hate to cook, love to bake and going on long drives and traveling soothe my soul!

LF: What genre of books do you write?

SH: I’ve written a variety – from inspirational romance to sweet romance to women’s fiction and now psychological suspense. It’s a fun journey!


LF: How long have you been writing for?

SH: Officially I started in 2005, but I didn’t start publishing until 2010 when indie publishing was still fairly new.

LF: Looking back at the start of your writing career, would you change anything?

SH: I would make writing more of a priority so that others would see how important it was to me rather than viewing it as a hobby. I would take courses to really learn my craft rather than trust editors would help me grow.

LF: What are you currently working on?

SH: I’m currently working on a novel set to publish in 2019. After this, I’ll be working on a new psychological thriller series which I’m really excited about!


LF: Anything else you would like to add?

SH: The Forgotten Ones is a very personal book and I hope readers love it!