I am no blogging expert. I am learning as I’m going. Some things I fuck up, somethings I pick up. Most things I just wing it. Either way here 1 thing I’ve learnt as a new book blogger part 8;


Readers don’t find you, you find them.

I came across this on someone else blog, I have completely forgotten whos. So I apologize in advance for that. (I’ll slap myself later) But when I read it, it was so true. When you start your blog you think people will find you, follow and read your work. You think it going to be a piece of cake. Then the shoe drops. It not easy. All my followers are other bloggers, not random people who like reading blogs. Which is what I thought my followers would be when I started.

You have to get out there and find other blogs and follow them. We are a great community where 80% of the time we all follow each other back on things like blogs/social media. We support each other and help each other grow. Now I don’t mean go and spam follow every single blog you come across just for follows. That not fair. Follow who you want to follow but also remember you are following a person. Not a computer but a real-life person. Interact with other blogs. I know myself how hard this can be, I try but I know I could do better.

If you guys would like to see a specific subject on one of my tip posts please just ask. Right now I am just pooping stuff out of my brain when I get an idea.