As I said in my first blog post on this series, I am no blogging expert. Learning as I am going and fucking up as I am going as well. Today’ lesson;

Know your limits.

When I first started I was pretty much winging everything. I started a blog page, Facebook (Nearly typed Faceboob then lol), Twitter, Instagram. Here some context, I read a book and write the review, then I schedule the post for when I want the review to go live. I do 3 review posts a week minimum. Which is a lot, so at the beginning when a review goes live I would post it to Goodreads, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Lucky enough WordPress posts for me, so that was one less thing. I was finding this was too much work. Facebook I was getting no views, no likes (other than me bullying family to like stuff) So I made the call to delete my page. It may not seem like deleting that was a lot, but it helped no end. It made me focus on more on other things. Doing Facebook as well was over my limit, it was making me stressful because I was getting no response via it. Which made me think I was doing it wrong, or not doing enough.

It is not a shameful thing to know your limits, whatever they may be. Hope you guys are enjoying these small ‘lessons’.



I also won a giveaway from the kind Books&Munches. Go check out her blog if you haven’t already. I am not normally a candle person but that candle smell isn’t half bad. Woodland Walk and Rainwater.