I got tagged by the lovely @ Practicing Imperfections

This is the post where she was naughty and tagged me.

Funny enough I like doing photos, I like the experimenting side of it. I cheated, I used an old photo from a while ago. First time doing a black and white photo, learned something new. Thanks for that. Check out her loving blog 🙂


While we on the same subject. I did my first book ‘photoshoot’ yesterday. I felt like the biggest twat ever. I used my brother’s bedroom been as his floor is nicer. Used a dressing robe to hide the radiator in the background. I am warning you right now, the photos aren’t amazing. But that being said, they have a little more effort than what I normally do with them. So stay tuned for a pirate sword and a viking helmet (I actually had a use for that thing lol). Follow me on Instagram for bad book photos!


PS. What is up with the word Instagram, every time I go to type that word, my brain has a fart and I have to double check I spelled it right. Also getting a tattoo today 😀